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Samsung Galaxy Mobiles- Great Mobile Experience

The smartphone is very handy and weighs only 97.5 gms. It is designed to explore the development of mobile and Smartphone is the next generation. The Hyundai Eon auction is based on the limited bid. It runs with Android Gingerbread operating system.

Samsung is known for its powerful smartphones and tablets. However, this new device will definitely confuse you. This is the Galaxy Note. It sports a massive display that will make you wonder if the device is a tablet or a smartphone. Regardless of the confusion, you will almost instantaneously forget about the device's classification with the software and hardware it has to offer.

The size of modern mobile phones is on the increase thanks to manufacturers incorporating bigger display into their handsets. The Samsung Galaxy Note offers largest screen size to date but HTC have replied with a giant of their own in the Sensation XL. Here we take a look at the two phones to see which on is the true heavyweight of the mobile phone world.

The harga hp samsung II N7100 features the Exynos 1.6 GHz quad-core processor. With this processor, designed for LTE networks, we can see how great performance comes into play.

Looking at the size both these phones are large, the screen display is the most striking feature of these Smartphones. However, Mega 6.3 is larger and thinner as against its cousin. When it comes to the physical built these phones are surprisingly made out of plastic like build, it comes handy when you need to remove the cover for changing batteries.

Both the phones sport 8 MP rear end cameras that seem to be decent for capturing videos and pictures. Nothing more can be said about another camera or specifications related to camera app until the official launch.

Now capturing screenshot with the stylus is made easy. All you need to do is hold down the S pen button and keep the nib on the display screen. This will enable capturing the screenshot. Same way you can even take clippings. Hold down the S pen button and draw a shape around the image to save it. You can even share this picture by sending it to clipboard, MMS, e-mail it or save it in S Note app.

If you are a frequent traveler then you might be concerned about not losing your S pen. You can make appropriate adjustments to avoid losing it. You need to just enable the detachment indicator. This way you will receive an alert if you lose your S pen or when you are leaving it behind.

Software wise, the Note III will have Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0 (the only combination currently compatible with the recently announced Galaxy Gear Smartwatch), Knox security software, and the ability to connect to LTE Category 4.

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However, according to the Cupertino firm's supply line, the design is more symmetrical. However, we'll say again that it is sure to sport enhanced features. It is very user friendly operating system and offers you several features.
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